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Protective Film for Building & Decoration Materials

Our Protective film not only in the processing, mechanical processing, transportation, assembly, warehousing and other processes on the surface protection products but also through its surface printing your logo to increase your product visibility.

We can provide the following distinct quality, color, printability, thickness, length, width, and peel strength of the protective film:
A): Film types: Polyethylene as substrate, coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive or water glue oil
B)Transparent Film, White film; black and white film; blue film; black film; Green film;
C)Printability: Can be printed on the surface of the membrane trademarks, company names using 1-2 colors
D)Thickness: 30 um –150 um
E) Length: Within 1500 meter per roll;
F) Width: 1.5m
G)Adhesive strength: 5-1500g/50mm.

Protective film for building & decoration materials:(Aluminum plastic composite panel; decorative laminate; artificial marble; ceramic; aluminum ceiling) …etc.

Features: Good weatherability, stable adhesive strength; UV resistance for up to 6 months; can be easily applied and removed, leaving no residue glue after removal
Main specification: 0.03mm-0.15mm, transparent; white color, black &white color; blue color; black color, green color etc…

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